Elevator Modernization

Tejas Elevator has the tools, knowledge, and experience to effectively modernize your commercial elevator.

We know you want your elevator to be dependable and run properly into the foreseeable future. Modernization can help accomplish this by making your elevator more functional, sound and stable. At Tejas Elevator, we offer:

  • Full and partial elevator modernization
  • Hydraulic and traction elevator modernization
  • Installation and upgrades of all forms of vertical transportation
Elevator Modernization Houston - Tejas Elevator

Depending on the age and obsolescence of the elevator system, the extent of modernization required will vary. By modernizing now, you will save money, increase your building’s value and improve the efficiency of the traffic in your building.

Modernization Services Benefits:


  • Aesthetics
  • Code Required Features
  • Lower Operating expenses
  • Efficiency
  • Extended Life
  • Ride Quality
  • Life Safety


Tejas Elevator’s experienced management and installation teams work hand in hand to eliminate costly interruptions to all elevators that much undergo modernization.

For more information on Tejas Elevator’s Elevator Modernization Services, please contact us.